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Free ACC Ultrasound Scans

We are committed to providing ACC ultrasound scans free of charge to all eligible patients. We are the only ultrasound provider in the Waikato to offer all ACC scans we perform for free.

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How do I know if I'm eligible for a free ACC scan?

To be eligible you must have received an ACC claim number from your doctor, physio, chiropractor, or other specialists. Please ensure you bring this claim number with you to your ultrasound appointment. If you haven't yet seen a medical practitioner about your injury and you are unsure whether it might be covered by ACC, you can check the ACC website for more information.

What if my ACC claim gets declined?

In the event that your ACC claim for an ultrasound scan is declined by ACC, the cost of the scan is passed on to you. When you arrive for your appointment, we will ask that you sign a waiver indicating that you will pay the specified amount if the claim is rejected by ACC.