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Eligibility for Funding

A number of the Ultrasound Scans performed at the Ultrasound Clinic are covered by Government funding.

Pregnancy Scans

All pregnancy scans referred by a midwife or Doctor are funded for New Zealand Residents and visitors to New Zealand who have a Visa or consecutive Visa's totaling 2 or more years. Eligible Non-Residents must also have a National Health Index (NHI) number. You will be assigned an NHI number after visiting a Doctor.

For pregnancy scans, government funding may not cover the entire cost of the scan and there may be an additional surcharge to pay. Scans performed in the evening or on Saturday may also incur further surcharges. We'll confirm any surcharges when you book your appointment.

ACC Scans

All New Zealand residents and visitors are covered by ACC for scans relating injuries obtained while in New Zealand. To be eligible you must have received an ACC claim number from your doctor, physio, chiropractor, or other specialists. Please ensure you bring this claim number with you to your ultrasound appointment. If you haven't yet seen a medical practitioner about your injury and you are unsure whether it might be covered by ACC, you can check the ACC website for more information.