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Note: Co-payments for Obstetric scans are increasing on July 1st 2022, and unfortunately, community services cards will no longer be accepted. We do not receive any funding for Community Services Cardholders and funding for maternity ultrasound has not increased since 2007. Details of the changes in co-payments will be added to the prices below shortly.

Below are our current prices as at 26 June 2022.

Obstetric Ultrasound
1st Trimester - Dating
FREE * ($20 from July 1st)
1st Trimester - Nuchal Translucency (NT)
$20 * or Free with CSC (until July 1st then $30)
1st Trimester - Nuchal Translucency (NT) (Twins)
$30 * ($40 from July 1st)
1st Trimester - Other
$20 * or Free with CSC (until July 1st then $30)
2nd Trimester - Anatomy
$30 * ($40 from July 1st)
2nd Trimester - Anatomy Follow Up
$20 * or Free with CSC (until July 1st then $20)
2nd Trimester - Anatomy (Twins)
$60 * ($80 from July 1st)
3rd Trimester
$20 * ($30 from July 1st)
3rd Trimester (Twins)
$40 *
3rd Trimester with 4D
$80 * ($100 from July 1st)
3D/4D Bonding Ultrasound (non-medical)
$120 ($140 from July 1st)
Gender Reveal Scan (from 15 weeks)
$120 ($140 from July 1st)
General Ultrasound
Abdomen & Pelvis
Renal & Pelvis (Female only)
Other Lumps / Hernia
IUCD Localisation
Musculoskeletal Scans
$220 (ACC FREE)
$220 (ACC FREE)
$220 (ACC FREE)
Ankle / Achilles Tendon / Calf
$220 (ACC FREE)
Foot / Heel
$220 (ACC FREE)
Hand / Wrist
$220 (ACC FREE)
Foreign Body
$160 (ACC FREE)
Vascular Ultrasound
Carotid Doppler
DVT (Leg Only)
* An additional surcharge may apply for appointments outside of normal business hours as well as follow up scans when the prior scan was performed with a different provider; we'll confirm any surcharges when you book your appointment. Subsidised pregnancy scans are only available to New Zealand residents with a referral form provided by a medical practitioner. A charge will apply to non-residents. See Eligibility for Funding for more information.