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Family Room

We have a family room available that can be used when you want additional family and friends to be able to view your scan.

The family room is a private area with a wall mounted TV that shows live video from the ultrasound machine during the scan. Family and friends can relax on the comfortable couch and there are bean bags and toys for children. It can be used for viewing any type of scan, however, it is best suited for pregnancy scans, specifically 2nd-trimester anatomy scans and 3rd-trimester growth scans.

If you wish to make use of the family room, please book it in advance to avoid disappointment as we currently have 3 ultrasound rooms operating that share 1 family room.

Why can't we all go in the examination room?

The examination room is quite small and is not suitable for many people. It is also very important that our sonographers are able to focus on their important work in order to perform the most thorough scan possible. We're committed to providing a quality service. A dedicated family room allows us to ensure that we are providing ultrasound scans of the highest quality, and at the same time providing a family-friendly environment.


Family Room