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Privacy Policy

We are very mindful of your privacy. Your connection to this site is encrypted using Transport Security Layer (TLS) 1.2. Any information you provide through our online booking and contact forms is also encrypted.

The following describes what information may be collected during your visit to our site and how it is used.

Personal Information submitted via our Contact or Booking Forms

Any information you send via our contact form or booking form is used only for internal procedures to either contact you or to help us book an appointment for you in our internal booking system. Information provided by you on our website is not passed on to any third parties.


Web Cookies

A Web Cookie is a small piece of data that a website stores in your web browser. This information is typically used for security, authentication, to improve user experience, or to provide analytical information to the website administrator of user activity.

We use cookies on our site for user experience, security and analytics.

When you browse our site, the following cookies will be stored in your browser:

  • UMB_UCONTEXT - This cookie is used by our Content Management System (CMS) to identify the current user instance of the web application in case you have the website open in multiple tabs or windows
  • XFRS-TOKEN & XSRF-V - These are security cookies used to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery
  • _ga - This cookie is used by Google Analytics to help identify that a user has returned to our site


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