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Early Gender Reveal Ultrasound

We're pleased to offer an early gender determination service from as early as 15 weeks. If you just can't wait you can choose to have this private, non-medical scan to find out the baby's gender.

What to Expect

Normally, we get very accurate results with an external scan, however, occasionally we may need to do an internal scan to gain a clearer view. This will be discussed with you at the time. Please note that if your maternal BMI is raised, then this scan may be better performed from 16 weeks onwards.

If you want to keep the gender a surprise for a gender reveal party, then please let the sonographer know and they'll turn off the ultrasound room monitor and give you an envelope with a cute gender card safely hidden inside.

Please see our price list for current the cost of this service.

Terms and Conditions

We ask that you please agree to the following terms and conditions related to Early Gender Scans performed at The Ultrasound Clinic.

  • You confirm that you have had a 12 week Nuchal Translucency scan performed for this pregnancy.
  • You confirm you are at least 15 weeks pregnant. Gender scans will not be performed prior to 15 weeks.
  • You accept that payment for this Early Gender Scan covers the experience for yourself and any present family members or friends, not just the images you are given to take with you.
  • You accept that in cases where the maternal BMI is raised, therefore distorting the image, the sonographer may not be able to determine the gender, please note this is a rare occurrence.