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Free Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

We aim to provide an affordable and accessible service and we are pleased to offer free pregnancy scans to Community Services Cardholders (some exceptions apply).

Important: Additional surcharges are being introduced for funded pregnancy scans from 06 April 2021. Some scans with newly added surcharges remain free of charge for people with a Community Services Card (CSC). See our Prices page for details.

What scans are free?

If you have a current Community Services Card (CSC) a number of scans are free of charge except for the 20-week anatomy scan, the 3rd-trimester growth scan (follow up 3rd-trimester scans remain free with a CSC) or if you are having twins. Early pregnancy dating scans remain free of charge for all New Zealand Residents. Details of applicable surcharges can be found on our Prices page.

To be eligible for funded pregnancy scans, you must be a New Zealand resident and you must have a valid referral form from a midwife, doctor, or specialist. If you are not a New Zealand resident, or you do not have a referral form, full private prices apply. Contact us for more information.

If you have a multiple pregnancy (e.g. twins), an additional fee may apply to certain scans. This is because the Ministry of Health funding does not cover the extra work required to thoroughly scan a multiple pregnancy.


Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, bookings are essential to ensure you can get an appointment time that suits you best. Please contact us on 07 929 4151 or use our online booking form.

Spaces are limited for 20-week anatomy scans and it is recommended that you try and book this scan at least 1 month in advance.